Canby Community Information

Locally, Canby is best known for hosting the annual Clackamas County Fair and Rodeo; crowds of locals and visitors gather at the fairgrounds for several other seasonal events as well, contributing to the hometown atmosphere of Canby. Other attractions include the Canby Depot Museum and ferry rides across the Willamette River.

Another benefit of living in Canby is its close proximity to Portland. Portland is passionate about education, culture, sports and nature. Its modern buildings stand proud against the gorgeous backdrop of snowcapped mountains. A perfect blend of economical progress and environmental sensitivity gives Portland a "best of both worlds" lifestyle appealing to people from all walks of life. At just a little over $300,000, the median price of a home in Portland is still surprisingly affordable compared to national averages and considering the quality of life. Millions of people have relocated to Portland and its surrounding communities for the area's verdant natural landscape and thriving economy.

Canby and the Portland area in general are ideal places to raise children, start a business or retire. People who come to visit often end up residents for life.